Elevate Your Customer

Upgrade your B2C communications with smart videos! Integrate with Whilter AI and scale to millions of unique videos enriched with each user's interest, language, location and profile, throughout their journey with you.

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Enhance brand recall and engagement through real-time, captivating videos, eliminating creative fatigue.

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Foster emotional connections by addressing individual needs and providing video nudges tailored to their time, context, and culture.

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Enhance B2C communications
at every touchpoint

In a digital era, where videos reign as the most captivating form of communication, revolutionize your customer experience with personalized video messages from the very first touchpoint, enriching every step of their journey with you!

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Guide customer decisions with immersive product previews and automated video checkout reminders

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Provide personalized care via tailored communications, video reminders, and warm greetings, building deeper customer relations.

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Choose Smart

that go beyond engagement and respond to customer behaviour, context, stage of journey






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The Whilter AI process

Step 1

Build a parent video

Select with a premade video or Collaborate with our creative studio to produce an immersive parent video featuring authentic actors, products and locations, evoking authentic emotions.

Step 2

Enrich with user information

Integrate with us to build logic that defines a personalisation matrix, and choose triggers that define who gets the video and when they get it.

Step 3

Scale to 1M+ videos

Our novel tech and AI Models automatically scale and distribute 1m+ unique videos  that delight, engage and personally influence each user as they…

Get videos personalized by their preferred



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